T-Mobile and Orange merger officially cleared in Europe

Big news indeed for mobile consumers in Europe as T-Mobile and Orange have been given the green light ahead of their proposed merger. With the two companies together, they will amass a huge 37% of the market, becoming the UK’s largest carrier. The European Commission (EC) cleared the joint venture after both parties agreed to give up 25% of its 1800MHz spectrum to be re-used on the next generation 4G, or LTE, networks.

Both T-Mobile and Orange are now working on the legal side of things to operate as a joint venture yet no more information is known in terms of the joint name, launch dates or any new tariffs.

  • Too late Orange. I've made the switch back to Vodafone after the poor coverage/signal. It's ironic that Orange have the so-called 'best 3G coverage' advertised every way but this is not true. I get no signal in the Midlands when I visited a mate recently and some parts of London, no reception.

    As for T-Mobile, I don't know how great the service is but joining in partnership with Orange is a good business move.

    According to The Daily Telegraph, Vodafone is the fastest UK network, What's weird is that the survey was conducted by rival O2… Take a look:

  • I just hope that tariffs don’t rise as there is less competition now… Personally I think T-Mobile has the best tariff packages out of all providers, especially those heavy on texts, calls and internet via their Flext plan.

    Shall see how it all pans out when more details get released.