PS3 8001050F Error fixed?

It seems that not long ago the infamous 8001050F error that prevented you from playing Trophy enabled games has been fixed. Reported earlier here on eMagi that a Sony PS3 Error 8001050F renders console unusable, Sony has been working rapidly to fix the issue that was caused by a bug with the PS3’s date.

It should be safe for PS3 owners of the older “fat” version to power up now and to play on their games. If any other Trophy enabled game is still not being listed, then play the game once more for the refresh to be forced and all should be well.

  • adamgolden

    YES! indeed, it's fixed. set date time via internet, then sign in. no problem!:D

    thanks eMagi!!

    • eMagi

      Glad to hear its working fine for you! ^_^ Sony have been working hard it seems as it could have been really bad PR.

  • I've been following this news as it was developing on Kotaku yesterday and the amount of users moaning about lost data and trophies was a complete joke on Twitter and across various forums. It's only a games system and your life shouldn't depend on it! As for the fix, nice job by Sony to repair the problem in the space of 24 hours. Don't let this happen again Sony!

    Will try the sign in later tonight and continue with Heavy Rain.

    • eMagi

      Yeah, although the possibility of data loss would be more important than not being able to play online, especially if you sink countless hours into an RPG/MMO!

      Its like the console version of the 2k bug 😛

  • Played more Heavy Rain last night after switching on my 'phat' PlayStation 3. No problems syncing to the PlayStation Network and all my trophies remain intact.

    Next time Sony, look at next year's calender and plan ahead!

  • Is pretty funny though that it didn’t happen to almost all computers when all that fuss was made over the 2k bug, yet it happens to a powerful console 😛