Kit Kats of the World

Image credit of Fried Toast

The Japanese are known for the love of the original Kit Kat and have produced hundreds of unique of weird and wonderful flavours of the chocolate covered wafer. With so many available and with so many different flavours ranging from Wasabi to Soy Sauce it might be difficult to keep track of them all. Thankfully one man has done just that and he goes by the Flickr username of Fried Toast! He has amazingly collected 121 photos of Japan’s rare and limited-edition Kit Kats for everyone to see via his Flickr stream.

Its certainly pretty impressive to see the range of flavours available, many of which would be rather interesting to try out. Which ones would you eat?

Images below are all from Fried Toast. For more check out his Flickr Stream.

  • Ohh! I love Kit-Kat. My favourite chocolate bar and to see so many flavours has made me hungry. 🙂

    Luna (aka Cindy) gave me some unusual flavours when we met up in London last year and I still have it in the fridge. Might have expired but I do like the packaging, so don't want to open it and eat these Kit-Kats.