[Blog] Female only toilets on All Nippon Airways?

I was browsing the net as I settle down to write something in my blog and found this rather odd piece of news. It seems that Japanese women are not all too tolerant at us males using the same toilet as them, and due to popular demand a Japanese Airline has taken the initiative to provide lavatories which are strictly female only! All Nippon Airways will be providing this service as of 1st March 2010 and the designated restrooms would be located at the rear of the aeroplane and accessible for ladies in all seating classes.

An All Nippon official told the Kyodo news agency that “women do not like using shared toilets as men sometimes leave the seat up” and that demand for women-only toilets was especially high among passengers taking long flights.

Here’s the official Press Release:

Beginning Monday, March 1st, ANA Group will begin introducing women-only lavatories on ANA Group international routes (all routes excluding A320/B737 aircraft).

Following numerous requests from passengers for this service, one women-only lavatory will be designated in the aft section of the passenger cabin (location may differ depending on aircraft and configuration) and will be available for use by women passengers in all classes of service. Women-only lavatories will be indicated using the signage below.

ANA Group will continue its efforts to improve service, providing our passengers with a highly comfortable flying experience and working to consistently exceed their expectations.

*Above signage will be installed on current aircraft beginning March 1, with signage scheduled to be completed by the end of April.

Use of Women-Only Lavatories by Men

  • In most cases, men will be restricted from using the women-only lavatories.
  • In the following situations, however, and depending on flight conditions, men may be allowed to use these facilities. Passengers are requested to check with a cabin attendant after boarding.

Wonder how long it’ll be for guys demanding for the toilet seat to be left up eh?

Source: ANA

  • Does this mean the end of the Mile High Club? :-/

  • I guess members of the mile high club would have to pick a different airline to clock those miles 😛