Day 5 in Japan (06/10/06) – Advertising Museum, Tokyo Anime Center & a messy night

Hi again, for a change I decided to visit the Tokyo Advertising Museum in Tsukiji (near Ginza) today and it was certainly interesting.  The museum had exhibits going way back to the Edo period, right up to the modern day.  Seeing old packets of Pocky was certainly, plus the propaganda from World War 2 and use of anime characters such as Astro Boy in advertising.  I got the chance to see the best TV adverts from the best 40 years including ‘Waterman’ and a bizarre ‘Pepsiman’.  I’ll look for them on YouTube when I get back. 

Back to Akihabara in the afternoon and I visited the recently opened Tokyo Anime Center.  It was much smaller then I expected as it only took up one floor of the UDX building, but it did contain signed cels & manga panels as well as a lot of merchandise you could not buy elsewhere including Evangelion lego! 

Onto the Sakura Cafe (based on the games/anime/manga Sakura Taisen (aka Sakura Wars) on the top floor of the Sega Arcade in Ikebukero.  The cafe serves decent light meals but the real pull are the excellent non-alcoholic cocktails (each based on a characters from the game) which come with an exclusive coaster.  Clips from the anime & game are also playing, as well as clips from the recent stage musical.  Well worth a visit if you go, be sure to pop into the shop as well. 

Afterward we all went onto Hub (The English Pub) near our hotel and got a lot more drunk then we actually intended.  It was a great night as we spoke to several Japanese people who were incredibly excited at the fact that we were English!  They spoke a little English and the conversation was bascially just us naming English bands followed by ‘Hai!’ or ‘no no no – rubbish!’.  They loved it and went mental went ‘Fleddie Melcury’ was mentioned! Outside we we met annother group who wanted us to go with him to find Japanese girls, but at this point I was practically crawling (from what I can remember).  Loads of random pictures on my camera when I woke up the next day – a brilliant night although I am still suffering for it!