Firefox browser coming to Google Android


With Opera Mini making strides in the Mobile Browser Market, people have been asking why there hasn’t been a Mozilla FireFox version available just yet for the dynamic Android platform. However recent news has filtered in as to why exactly development hasn’t been smooth sailing.

“Until recently, Android was Java, but they released Android NDK which uses C/C++ and that is what we program in, so we are now looking at developing Firefox for Android,” said Jay Sullivan, vice president of Mobile for Mozilla.

Previously everything had to be done in Java which was within a VM (Virtual Machine). Now that a more powerful and universal language like C/C++ is available to use, we should expect other programs to follow suit. It’s exciting news as I’m sure Mozilla are aiming to become the market leader in the mobile webspace, they even dropped a bombshell to those who wait:

“Mozilla Firefox will be the first mobile browser to support add-ons,” boasted Sullivan, pointing to the fact that nearly 2 billion Firefox add-ons have been downloaded to date, and they’ve spawned successful companies such as StumbleUpon. He expects similar traction for Firefox on the mobile. “We have been spending a lot of time on making sure that JavaScript and our engine work really fast on ARM processors,” Sullivan said. “That has taken some time.”

This will certainly be an interesting addition, however talk of performance  issues and security still need to be debated. No estimate as to when the browser will come about, even in a beta stage but as soon as news breaks, it will be reported upon.

  • FatBoyExtraordinaire

    Now this is some welcome news!