Two new Guides added!


We have two new guides added to! A new guide called How To use the Recovery Image, which details the fantastically powerful Recovery Image which has a multitude of options available to you, such as creating a Nandroid Backup, Nandroid Restore, a script to repair your EXT Partition, fix permissions and to manually select which file you want to flash! Perfect if you want to try out different themes.

The second guide, How to install Cyanogen’s Legal ROM (4.1.99/4.1.999) helps you through the steps to move from previous versions of Cyanogen’s ROM. Cyanogen’s 4.1.999 is the first 100% optimised Donut build and is also 100% legal to use, not using any propriety code from HTC and not bundling the Google Experience applications such as Google Mail, Google Maps, YouTube and the Android Market.

This however doesn’t mean that such applications will not be available for you to use as some clever work allows you to retain the Google Experience.

Look forward to more guides coming soon!