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If you are one of the many that enjoy installing and using the variety of applications available on the Android Market, then you would have noticed that managing such a large number of them at a time can be quite slow and cumbersome using the default methods. AppManager Full is designed to make installing, backing up and un-installing applications at a glance a breeze.

Interface & Userability

App Manager is a joy to use with a very clean and clear interface. All of your applications are listed in alphabetical order of which you simply scroll through vertically to find the application you want to edit.

Along the bottom is the main menu where large icons showcase the Apps, Widgets, List View and the More button; which once pressed, an additional menu glides into view giving you the option to Backup, Install or to go to the Settings menu. Everything is well contained and self explanatory with the icons large enough to be finger friendly.


Upon doing a long-press on the application in question, a sub-menu appears giving you the option to Launch, read additional Details, Search on the Market, Backup to SD and to Uninstall. Launch is self-explanatory while the Details button sends you to the default Android page illustrating the version number, size of the application and the ability to clear the cache.

The feature to backup individual or batch programs is a welcome one as is the application restore feature, taking out the long and often dull process of installing applications individually. On the SD Card the applications are saved under the folder “backups/apps” for easy retrieval either from App Manager itself or via your computer.

Uninstalling applications is as short and sweet as possible as a simple long-press on the app in question brings the sub-menu and the Uninstall option.


A clean and efficient way of managing your applications installed on your Android device, with a very clear user interface. It works perfectly with Donut builds (tested). Being a paid application there is competition from the Free versions available however, but if you are willing to pay for such a tool, you cannot go far wrong with this.

Cryket link to App Manager Full costing $2.95.

App Manager Pro

App Manager Pro

Rating: Recommended

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  • FatBoyExtraordinaire

    Great article on a great app.

    • Thanks! Been a bit busy as of late but will be aiming for an app review a day at least, mixed in with the news. Quite a lot has happened in the world of Android recently.

      • FatBoyExtraordinaire

        Yes it has and looking forward to it.