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AudioHack2 (2)

One of the criticisms of the HTC G1 handset was that the audio volume and quality was not as loud as other handsets in the market. The speaker itself isn’t of the highest quality but the Android Community wanted to squeeze as much as possible from it. A project then came along to improve the audio quality and volume and hence AudioHack was born.

Currently released as version 2, it includes revised files as the developer Meltus discovered he could manipulate the equaliser settings directly.  As you can see from the title screenshot there are multiple versions available for you to choose from, each with unique properties. Here’s a rundown of what each version does, direct from the developer.

– V1 revision 2
Due to it not being distorted at all anyway, I added the compressor and made it slightly louder. not a lot has been changed here.

– V2 revision 2
Completely distortion-less! The most popular version due to it’s loud volume and good sound quality. Now being used pre-built into many custom ROMs.

– V3 revision 2
Not sure about this one. Still very distorted (due to it’s volume) and it’s now slightly quieter than the original v3. Some of you may like this version, some of you may hate it.

– V6 revision 2
Managed to retain the bass whilst removing some of the distortion. I also lowered the volume slightly.

TIP!!! – Have the volume set 3 below maximum to get the best sound out of this version. At this level it sounds pretty good.

The most popular version is V2 Revision 2 (aka V7) which offers a great balance of volume and quality through the loudspeaker and in-call volume too. So popular it has become for example, many ROM chefs have included it into their own custom ROMs as standard. It really does make a difference and the best way to see if it has is to have some music playing while you’re applying the changes. The music track will skip and then you can hear the changes straight away. As a side note, NeoBlade of designed the interface for the application too and will continue to offer support for AudioHack in the future!

Available for £1.50 from the Android Market you can either buy it there or visit the official XDA Thread for more details.



Please note that this application only works for mobiles which has been rooted.

Rating: Highly Recommended

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