iTweet Review

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With the recent news that iTweet is now free, now is a good time to check out the popular twitter client if you haven’t just yet. Using the application is simplicity itself just enter your credentials to log in and you are presented with the main interface. From here you can have an overview of all tweets, messages, your profile, favourites, your replies and your own tweets.

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To send a tweet you press the Menu button and more options become available to you, to either customise the look or to follow users and look at the public timeline. iTweet can also notify you whenever new tweets occur and you can set the time interval for how often it will check for new tweets. The default setting is every 20 minutes however setting it to a longer interval can save you battery life.

In all iTweet is a solid Twitter client and now that its totally free to download it should attract more users than ever before. If it is enough however to dethrone the current leading twitter client, Twidroid, only time will tell.

Rating: Highly Recommended