HTC announces official Hero firmware update now LIVE


HTC has announced that an official firmware release for their HTC Hero device is now available to download! To grab the latest version head over to their website (link found at the bottom of the post) to select your country and to see if you are eligible for the free download and upgrade.

Here at iLuvAndroid we sadly do not have a HTC Hero device so would like your opinions on the new firmware upgrade and if it has improved the usability or not. There has been reports though that is has really increased the speed of the device but we would like to hear your opinions!

There doesn’t seem to be a concrete changelog as well but this is what I have managed to find so far:

  • Touch focus to Camera
  • Standard clock animation culled (possibly to save RAM and to increase speed)
  • Updated Radio firmware
  • New Bootloader – Increases difficulty of rooting
  • Possibly optimised APKs?

For the official firmware version, follow the link below to select your country and to download the firmware and software to your computer. Be warned that the update process can take up to 10 minutes to complete so give it time!

HTC Website –