‘Access Denied’ for pirated copies of Windows Vista?

Windows Vista

Microsoft will be playing hardball in a bid to crack down on the number of software piracy by ‘immobilise’ unlicensed versions of its new Windows Vista operating system.

The world’s largest software maker said that people running an unlicensed copy of Vista that it believes is pirated would initially be denied access to some of the most anticipated features of the operating system. That includes Windows Aero, an improved graphics technology.

If a legitimate copy is not bought within 30 days, the system will only allow the user to just web browse for an hour at a time therefore making the whole OS unworkable.

These harsh tactics are a different contrast to Microsoft’s earlier anti-piracy measures, which involves piracy checks for Windows XP users who want to get free anti-Spyware software running on their system.

So with these strict disciplines outlined by Microsoft, the company wants to make you miserable as possible while at the same time keeping it “safe” (with security updates to prevent viruses harming your machine).

Best way to avoid this all together? Buy a copy of Windows Vista or switch to either Linux or Mac. Anyway Vista is a rip-off of the Mac OSX…

  • flo

    What else to say … it’s stupid, and they’re making their own grave with this spirit.

  • Yink

    I think http://www.ubuntu.com/ is the hottest OS out there at the moment.