Hello Kitty meets Fuji Instax Mini


The Hello Kitty craze continues to roll on and now the feline has her own camera! The Fuji Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 is a petite camera is designed to create equally as small credit-card sized pictures that is perfect for self-portraits and group pictures as it comes equipped with a self-shoot mirror!

This camera is the brainchild of a collaboration with renowned Japanese photographer Yonehara Yasumasa and aims to please Hello Kitty fans of all ages. Below are the specifications!


  • Special edition Hello Kitty Instax Mini 25 is a collab with Japanese photographer Yonehara Yasumasa
  • Includes a small book of tips and tricks on how to take good Cheki pictures – as advised by Yone!
  • Uses Fuji Instax Mini film
  • Built-in Intelligent zFlash
  • Landscape and Portrait formats
  • Self-shoot mirror
  • Close-up lens for focusing from 35cm
  • Motorized 3-position collapsible lens

If you are tempted by one of these Hello Kitty cameras… Be prepared for the not so cuddly price. Prices start from just over £100 to up to £155 when combined with a bundle of the film the camera requires! If that hasn’t put you off then head over to lomography.com to place your order for the chance to own one.

Hello-Kitty-Fuji-Instamax-01 Hello-Kitty-Fuji-Instamax