How To: Use the Playstation Eyetoy camera as a Windows XP Webcam


This is a guide on how to use your Playstation 2 Eye Toy camera as a webcam for Windows XP. You can check what version of EyeToy camera you have by looking at the underside, you should have something like this…


If you have the SILVER EyeToy then use the “31” driver.

  1. First download the required drivers somewhere on your computer and then extract the files in a folder for ease of use (like your desktop for example).
  2. Plug in the EyeToy.
  3. Windows should then start looking for the drivers and will probably say it can’t find any. Simply point Windows to where you extracted the files and it should start to install. Also when it asks for permission to install (under WinXP) just click on Yes.
  4. Once all that is done another window should pop up asking if you live in a 50Hz or 60Hz region.
    50Hz = Europe, 60Hz = Japan + USA. Thats it!

I hope that helps people to those stuck on getting the device working as a cheap webcam!

EDIT: Now updated with a Windows Vista guide! Please click on this link for the Windows Vista guide!

  • Thanks a lot for this Mike. Really helped me out.

  • konceito

    wat if ur using win vista i dont work fo it

  • xp drivers should still work work vista although i can’t be sure, it may throw u a warning or something. Give it a try and see how it goes.

  • Maark

    I appreciate your work to pass on this info…. I tried before but couldn’t get it to work…and it works in Vista too. Doesn’t seem to let WEBCAMmax work with MSN but anyway works for just abt everything BIG THANKS!!!! (PS great with all the “walk through steps and pics”)

  • Heylo! I finally got to try this out after finding my EyeToy.. and it works and looks SO much nicer than my regular webcam! Thanks for the info, and I’ll pass it along! (And thanks Emily, for recommending this to me too! ^_^)

  • Maark

    Hey if anyone else is trying to get this to work with Webcammax I finally sorted it. It’s not actually the Eyetoy driver…

    heres how…

    Make sure the program you are trying to use webcammax MSN msngr or Yahoo Msngr etc. is totally switched off! Then load webcammax and then start your IM program! Then you will find webcammax as the camera and the eyetoy too. Worked for me perfect.
    I suppose I should have thought it was the driver.

    Thanks again for this informative website.


  • Glad it all worked Luna ^_^ I’ve not tested it on Vista just yet but it should work if you use the supplied driver from the link.

    the quality isn’t too bad it must be said and hey, its a freebie if you already have an Eyetoy ^_^

  • Bregeta

    Hey. Im Having Some Weird Problems With This. I Have Used These Drivers Before In XP, But On Vista I Have An Error Saying “Windows Could Not Load Image” Or Something :S? Im Confused. I Tried The Other Drivers (SLEH-31) And They Just Dont Work. Any Advance On This? Thanks Guys, Need The Help! Bregeta

  • rowberz

    iv just got vista and it recognises the eyetoy and it says it is usuable but no programs that need a webcam can find one

  • yan

    ok i have installed the 31/namtai driver and it worked perfect at first then when i used msn to video chat, it froze. from then on, it keeps freezing after i restart my pc. can someone help me? my email is

  • rob

    When I plug my eyetoy 31 into my usb drive, nothing happens. I have downloaded the drivers but I don’t know what to do with them now. I am running Windows Vista home Premium. Any help will be much appreciated.

  • im a bit of a geek and i have got the eyetoy workin perfectly on vista 😀 it’s the SLEH 31 model and me an my m8 spent a day messin around with the xp drivers an it all seems ok now. i dunno if its just my pc it works on or not but if any1 wants me 2 em@il 2 ya just send me a message (asking politely) an ill send em 2 ya… no guarantee’s tho. as i sed we were just messin around!

    • najiyah

      i have windows vista home premium and I have the sleh30 model and whenever i download a driver I cant extract the files from it. my email is I have been trying for so long to figure out why I cant seem to extract the files form it. the driver saves as a zip file and when i right click on it there is no extract file option. I have vista 32 bit ad thats the farthest ive gotten in this downloading process. when i try to search for it the zip file isnt even visible.

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  • Funnily enough it is the exact same procedure as under WindowsXP. I have written an updated guide for Windows Vista ^_^ –

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  • not quite m8 :p u’ll find that if u do it the way that u posted it will not appear under the “Scanners and Cameras” section in control panel. as mnuch as this isnt a major problem it means u can’t use it for some of the things i needed. there are no “Official” drivers for vista yet but when some clever person makes some then it will appear. (My drivers did make it appear but since testing it i have found that the mic has gon wrong 🙁 so i went bak 2 the standard ones)

  • Please note that the above method is for Windows XP! I should actually edit the title to make that much clearer upon first glance as when I made this guide, Vista was not available ^_^

    If you look right at the top you would see some text saying “EDIT: Now updated with a Windows Vista guide!”

    With the new article there is a step by step walkthrough along with screenshots. Also is should not appear in “Scanners and Cammeras” under Vista. It should under “Imaging Devices” which makes more sense. Please look at the Windows Vista guide found here –

  • Laverio

    Excellent, being Scottish, i’ve saved some pennies!
    Och Aye!

    Great article

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  • amy

    hey i tried webcam max n it won’t let me on msn..GRR i did evrything maark said but no good…Grr plz someone help, the effects are soo cool

  • didi

    i’ve been trying to get my eyetoy to work as a web cam for days. and i;ve been on may sites and dwled stuff but they all don’t work or i probably did it wrong. when i plug it in it use to have something pop up but now when i plug it in nothing happens and my eyetoy didn’t come with a disc so i just i had to search on the internet and nothing really makes sense..and i tried going on the website iplayplaystation or something like that and posted on there but i had no reply for like 2 days and it is so weird. i have window vista preimum too so can some one plz help me and tell me what i should do now cuz i really want this to work. ASAP

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  • Robbie

    it says it has not passed the windows logo testing to verify its compatibility with windows xp <<what dose this mean

  • it means the people that made the driver don’t have the resources to get windows logo certification

    works just fine for me. I have the logitech eyetoy (-30) and xp sp2 and it installed without a hiccup. Now what you do with this thing is beyond me…

  • Zac

    ok so i have previously installed my eyetoy before but now my computer is telling me the eyetoy is corrupted or malfunctioning is this because it is broken or something to do with the program

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  • jaden

    ok i have the eye toy 31 i download the download and it put its self into winrar but what files do i extract iv extracted all of them but when i got to find the file it doesnt show up any were can some one help me!

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  • holz

    So i’ve downloaded the correct software… Ive extracted it and tried to ‘reinstall driver..’ directed it to the folder and it doesnt do a thing..

  • FH

    My webcam greeyscreened =S, any ideas???? (ASAP)

  • FH

    My webcam greyscreens :S, any ideas (ASAP)

  • lachyisded3

    Same error as before (28) and the INF files effed in the A.
    Any ideas?

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  • Chrono

    worked!, i have Vista and it worked perfectly. Ty

  • Doom

    Hey i have tried installing my eyetoy several times (its a 31 Namti) and i install the driver files and plug in the eyetoy. I follow the steps all the way and then it gets to a window that says to choose which driver to use, a D link VGA one and the Eyetoy one. Either one i chose it doesnt work in the end. After this window it loads and then goes to a window that says i need to find the DLL file, so i put the driver file on and continue. Then after its finished loading it says This device cannot start code 10 error. What is going on and how can i fix it? Im on XP.


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  • k4tt

    Just testing to make sure this is working again

  • matt

    hey my computer dosent recognize it like when u plug it in it dosent come up wif anything is that mabey because i tryed to install it before and can u help me get it goin

  • Try the drivers at

    Our drivers work for XP and Vista 32 (but not for Vista 64).

    • Amelia

      do you know why my eye toy webcam works for facebook but not for msn?

      • eMagi

        If it works for FB and not MSN then perhaps upgrade your MSN software (Live Messenger). Also run the video test to make sure its all working and then use the Video Wizard in MSN.

  • gvm

    thanks mate
    perfect advise
    no problems 😀 😀

  • Amelia

    so i down laoded eyetoy webcam done evrytin write but it wont work in msn, it workd in facebook and just makin vids nd stuff but wont work in msn plz help me 🙁

  • Brow

    Worked Perfectly with XP

  • Bonne

    But i live in New Zealand. So which Hz region thingy do I chose?

    • eMagi

      To be honest it doesn't make a massive difference. Use 60Hz and if the image isn't right, revert to 50Hz.

  • Nick

    The only one that actually works!!!! Thank u so muchhh!!!

    • eMagi

      Glad it worked fine for you ^_^ Enjoy!

  • Ellie

    can someone please help me? I’ve saved the files on version 31, but now my computer wont come up with ‘found hardware’ or whatever! Please help! x

    • Hi Ellie! Did it install previously? If so you might have to un-install the driver and then re-install it.

      If its your first time and your Windows XP isn’t picking up the camera, make sure it is working first on your Playstation. If all is well then try plugging it into a different USB port and try again.

      Tell me how you get on with it so I can provide further assistance if needed ^_^

  • ComJacker

    Why does SLEH-00031 say USB Audio Device?

    • eMagi

      Because the EyeToy also have a microphone for audio use ^_^


    help me i dont know what you are talking about in this here statment please help i just want use a webcam!

  • Milly

    I've tried to Install My eye toy Before and Now My computer rocognises it and i dont get windows Looking for drivers, So i don't know what to do in this Event. Any Help?

  • matt man

    is this safe to do

  • Claudiaaa

    Is this a safe file? Because I don't want an corrupted file on my computer.

  • Mitch

    OMG been trying this thing with many guides keep getting this
    This device cannot start. (Code 10)
    Any help ASAP plz (

  • Liyahminaj

    how to take pictures after instilation?

  • Jerryandstephanie95

    why does it say windows couldnt find any drivers even after i extracted the filess plz help me!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerryandstephanie95

    why does it say windows couldnt find any drivers even after i extracted the filess plz help me!!!!!!!!!

  • Colderon

    Thanks that really works 🙂

  • Colderon

    Thanks that really works 🙂

  • Colderon

    XP pro.

  • Colderon

    XP pro.

  • eMagi

    Post updated to have new working mirrors. Let me know if there are any issues 🙂