Michael Jackson has died, aged 50

Michael Jackson

The “King of PopMichael Jackson has died at the tender age of 50 in the late hours of Thursday 25th June (BST). While here on eMagi we haven’t recently covered any general entertainment news for some time, this was just too big to leave out.

Debuting at the young age of 11 as part of the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson has been in the media spotlight ever since. Known for his fantastic music and his dancing choreography moves, such as the Moonwalk, he became a global superstar and adored by millions.

With five best selling record albums such as Off the Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory, Michael Jackson has amassed over 750 million album sales worldwide – A figure unlikely to ever be beaten again.

He was also involved in the world of videogames, most notably for the Sega published and developed Moonwalker as well as Space Channel 5 and its sequel Space Channel 5: Part 2.  He also made a camero appreance in the boxing title Ready to Rumble: Round 2.

Say what you will about his private life as he was a colourful, controversial and possibly misunderstood individual but one thing that will remain in peoples memories forever – Like him or lothe him, his music transcended genres and boundaries and is known and loved by millions across the world. He has contributed so much to the world of Pop Music that shouldn’t be forgotten and hopefully never will.

R.I.P Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)