Rosario and Vampire – Shirayuki Mizore Figure [18+]

Rosario and Vampire - Shirayuki Mizore

The anime Rosario and Vampire is well known for providing copious amounts of panty shots and even more fanservice to appease fans of ecchi. One of my favourite character designs though is of Shirayuki Mizore and this is her, faithfully rendered by manufacturer Shueisha. The combination of stripped purple knee high socks match her coloured hair and complement her flared arm sleeves in an overall detailed model.

Shirayuki Mizore gets to stand on a base surrounded by ice crystals, unique to her own ability in the anime and that’s not all! You can also replace her left hand to change her appearance like she is using her ability to pose with. This model is rated 18 though for the final party piece. It seems you are able to remove her outer items of clothing to reveal more of her… Personality. Nice.

Available to pre-order at Play Asia for £47.88 excluding shipping and expected to be released in Japan in June 2009.