Podcast 1 – David Blaine Must Die!

Have a listen to the first podcast!

emagi episode1 cover

Starring Walking Leaf, Neoblade FX, Yas, and special guests Rob & Luna. Podcast editing and production was done by Yas. The excellent podcast cover artwork was done by the biro maestro Josh. Thanks to Flo for the emagi podcast logos.

Topics include:
How emagi started
Snakes on a plane
David Blaines next trick “Bullet Time”
Josh’s ‘Missed Placed’

emagi.co.uk podcast dino love

Note: This podcast does contain strong language and themes of a sexual nature. You have been warned!

  • walking leaf

    Thanks Yas. You did a really good job on the editing. The bit about David Blaine’s death was fantastic. I put a lot of thought into his ‘stunt’ but need to figure out how to kill him if Blaine starts to avoid all those bullets.

    Great podcast and looking forward to hearing the next episode! 🙂

  • Wasn’t a bad podcast, actually kept me entertained for the entire length of it.

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  • Hehe Leaf met his hero at the LG Shine party. He was enthralled by his magic ability ^_^

  • walking leaf

    Not really. I was more impressed with the open bar and the lovely people at the party! 🙂