To Heart 2 – Kusugawa Sasara Figure

To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara.jpg

To Heart is a popular H-Game which became an anime back in 2005 and spawned a sequel called To Heart 2, two years later. This design of Kusugawa Sasara comes from that OVA courtesy of Griffon Enterprises and it certainly grabs the attention. Released in late October 2008 it features Kusugawa in a seductive pose on her knees, leaning forward towards you, possibly trying to suggest something. Her outfit consists of the iconic schoolgirl blue Japanese swimsuit but with a twist, adding a french maid look with a classic white apron and some sultry transparent stockings and arm warmers. Its an odd combination when you think about it yet here on this detailed model, it just works. Have a look below for some more images.

To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara-4.jpg

To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara-1.jpg To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara-2.jpg To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara-6.jpg To Heart 2 - Kusugawa Sasara-5.jpg

Available to buy from Play Asia for £47.88 excluding shipping now.