Random Caption Fun: Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV

Fei Long: Fear my new special move! NIPPLE TWEAK!

Its been a while since I’ve last put up a Random Caption for an image so when I saw this when the new batch of Street Fighter IV images were released I couldn’t help myself! Surely that would be quite a painful move indeed to be on the receiving end of, but look at the determination to pull the move off in Fei Long‘s eyes. Its all in the eyebrows you see, all in the eybrows.

Recently Capcom announced that Street Fighter IV will be HaDoKen its way to the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 on Febuary 20th in Europe. No news though on the PC version of the classic franchise, however fans all over the world will be waiting for baited breath to get their hands on it. Having played the arcade version at the London MCM Expo in October, I found it responsive, crisp, fast and a joy to play, mixing the classic gameplay elements but with the added “Focus Attacks” adding something new to the formula.

Home console versions in Japan will also get a special DVD of the Street Fighter IV anime as eMagi previously reported upon as an added bonus. I really hope though it makes its way to Europe as well, otherwise Fei Long won’t be the only one performing nipple tweaks…