Hello Kitty Sewing Machine


This could be a perfect present for those young and old Hello Kitty fans, next to the recent Hello Kitty Alarm clock that was announced. Janome have produced an officially endorsed and fully working sewing machine ready for use aimed at the younger audience. It is important to note that unlike similar branded machines that this is not a toy and is fully functional with eight variations of straight and zig-zag stitches.

  • Lightweight/Portable multiple stitch sewing machine
  • Great first sewing machine for the beginner dressmaker
  • Eight variations of straight and zigzag stitches
  • AC/DC adapter is included
  • Free-arm sewing capability
  • Top Drop-in bobbin system
  • For all sewers ages 8 and over
  • Sewing speed 350 s.p.m
  • 8 Built In Stitches including 4 variations of straight stitch and 4 variations of zigzag
  • Freearm Sewing capability Lightweight and Portable!
  • Easy Threading
  • Top Winding Bobbin
  • Easy Adjusting and Precise Tension System
  • Electronic Foot Control Included
  • Sews 350 stitches per minute # Reverse Sewing
  • Made of high-impact ABS resin; UL listed
  • 10Hx5.62Wx12.75L
    Comes with Needles, Bobbins, Needle threader, and instruction manual.

Hello-Kitty-Sewing-Machine-02 Hello-Kitty-Sewing-Machine-03

An item like this might just help make sewing more interesting for younger children for example as they learn the basic skills for creating items whilst being safe. Bad news is, that it is currently only available in the USA and costs $109.99 USD from Target. Could be something worth noting though for those early birds to entice them into the world of cosplay!

  • k4tt

    Just to add, it’s a Janome one too, which means the build quality will be pretty good. Not like those third rate companies who jump on the band wagon with poor attempts of marketing Hello Kitty in their line of products.

    It’s only a shame that we’ve already got a decent sewing machine, otherwise I’d be getting one for Miruru.

    One question though…

    Does it come in Pink??

  • Forgot to mention in the original post that I believe there is only a Blue and Green version available. Why not in Pink I have no idea o_O

    Also I can’t find it for the UK market as importing something that that might cost a pretty penny for import costs as well.

  • k4tt

    well from 1st December, I hear they’re increasing the upper limit for not having to pay Custom Tax for importing goods. somewhere in the region of £127 i’m led to believe. so if there are any HK Sewing machines avialable for import, best order them for delivery at the beginning of next month!!

  • Really? Whoa thats news to me. That would be amazing if so ^_^ Just need to get the cash now to be able to import haha

  • Amoul25

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaw lovly