Listen to the pilot podcast

Have a listen to the pilot podcast, what everyone has been talking about.


Starring Walking Leaf, Neoblade FX, Emily, and bit parts played by Yas & Janus. Podcast editing and production was done by Yas. The excellent podcast cover artwork was done by the biro maestro Josh. Thanks to Flo for the emagi podcast logos.

Topics include:
Dino love making
Chase HQ the movie pitch
& general news topics. podcast dino love

Note: This podcast does contain strong language and themes of a sexual nature. You have been warned!

  • Yink

    Thanks to all who helped with topics and to the EB forum members.

  • Love the podcast presentation, the ability to play it in a pop up also helps when browsing ^_^ This is just the start of more things to come… Many thanks to those who contributed to all aspects of the podcast!

  • flo

    This is just tooo funny and smart !
    Dunno where you find such ideas ^^
    You guys rock. Leaf, you’re just hilarious and great ,
    Mixing and Production is so neat and well rythmed.

    Can’t wait for Episode 1 to come :p…

    And this Biro Cover is just genious. Sums it all up so well.
    keep it up Josh.

  • KerryO

    heh! well well I finally hear neoblades voice for the first time and hes talkin bout dinosaurs doing it…must say it did make me giggle, lol never thought I wud ever hear a voice so serious talking of such things haha! I love it! 😛 and I will spread the love even though I’m not a hippy, oke! 😛 and with that i’m off!


  • walking leaf

    That was my voice! I have a real surreal sense of humour and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the podcast.

    Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Aww. lets hear more of yas!
    Leaf is so confident bless him :]
    well done guys

  • flo

    Oh Yes let’s hear more of Yas ! …^^
    Really great job guys. Can’t wait for the newt one ^_^b

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  • Arekusu

    Nice work guys, thats was quite random and very entertaining, look forward to the next one ^_^