KosMos Swimsuit PVC figure

KosMos - eMagi.co.uk-2.jpg

KosMos from the soap opera RPG that is XenoSaga is a fantastic design in its own right, so when it gets made into a figure it tends to get noticed. Even more so when she is in her swimsuit costume from XenoSaga III! Manufactured by Alter, it features stunning detail once more that gives such an iconic figure justice. In a scale of 1/6 at 300mm tall you can appreciate the work put in to ensure the shading is consistent on the figure throughout and the pose is provocative enough to show just how good the original design is of KosMos and Alter’s rendition of the female weapon.

Priced at 8,360 Yen (approx £54.50) its not the cheapest figure you will come across, but you do get a lot for your money. An additional extra is the blade knife which is attached to KosMos’s ankle which can be placed anywhere you wish with the correct adhesive. The intricacy though of how the hair is portrayed is unlike most models, flowing freely and well rendered which can be seen from the images below.

For any KosMos fan this would be a welcome addition to their collection to be proudly displayed and Alter has done the character proud. Available to buy from Hobby Search.

KosMos - eMagi.co.uk.jpg KosMos - eMagi.co.uk-3.jpg KosMos - eMagi.co.uk-4.jpg KosMos - eMagi.co.uk-5.jpg KosMos - eMagi.co.uk-6.jpg