Gamers unite in Hello Kitty to raise food for Charity


After finding out that the Hello Kitty mascot is now 34 years young, the hugely popular franchise turns to help ease poverty by combining one of the favourite pastimes of the world to help charity. Sanrio Digital the creators of Hello Kitty Online (which is still in closed beta), have created an online event called “Food for Friends”. This special videogame charity event has a real world meaning because gamers who donate the ingame food items will get the equivilant of their online price converted into real money.

The players in the Hello Kitty Online universe submitted 344,965 items of food which raised an amazing $12,000 USD of which will go to Unicef and the Asian Youth Orchestra.

This is an amazing feat and something that other MMO games could do to help a worthy cause by holding special events like this. By combining gaming and charity they could be onto a winner which might set the precident for other games to follow. This Saturday though the closed beta will shut down for maintenance work and to prepare itself for an open beta ready for public testing. Those who are fans of the Hello Kitty brand will be hoping to join the bandwagon and perhaps contribute in future events for a good cause.