Hello Kitty Alarm Clock. Yoisho!


Its been a while since we last featured Hello Kitty merchandise here on eMagi. Last time out we covered Hello Kitty with Space Invaders and with Buffy in an MMO so this time out they’ve recently released the Hello Kitty Alarm Clock.

Its a portable alarm clock which you can take around with you anywhere and it also doubles as a personal pocket mirror. At only 80×92×32mm, it is small enough to carry anywhere and has a special trick up its slieve. Earlier I said it also acts as an alarm clock and this one has three personalised messages that the Kitty can chime out.

“Hi! I’m Kitty. You still sleeping? If you’re a sleepyhead Kitty will get mad!”
“Good morning! It’s Kitty’s wake up call! Wake up wake up!”
“Yawn, good morning. Kitty is sleepy too, but let’s try to wake up! Yoisho! Yoisho!”

I can imagine it being said in quite a high pitched voice, perfect to irritate you to wake up, pick up the said alarm clock and possibly throw it at the wall! Done.