Street Fighter IV Anime DVD

Sakura Street Fighter 4

Capcom has announced that there will be an anime of the Street Fighter IV series, sadly only with the Japanese console release of the game in Febuary 2009. No word as if yet about a possible USA or European release of this 50-60min animation to get localisation but I’m sure fans will be eager to see it happen.

At eMagi we covered the original anime Street Fighter IV trailer in English and since then many announcements have been made concerning the home console versions. New characters will join the roster such as Shen Long, Akuma, Sakura, Fei Long and Dan! Below is the trailer for Sakura.

The animation will be handled by Studio 4c once more, who are also responsible for the animation ending and intro to the home console versions. It could be possible that if the anime proves to be popular it might be released in its own right to go alongside the original Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and the Street Fighter Alpha movies. Once we get more news about it, so will you!