Anime fall season: Notable mentions

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I thought I’d take this opportunity as we are approx 4 weeks into the new season to write up some of the additional fall shows we haven’t been covering in detail weekly here on eMagi. As I’m sure most people are aware by now this fall season has been immense with over 30 new shows (I believe) airing and there are a lot of notable shows that may have slipped through the net due to just the vast amount of viewing material available. So here’s a mention of some less hyped shows that I thought were worth watching.

Below is a list of  a few of the fall shows I personally think are worth a look and although currently there won’t be a weekly write up on these shows, rest assured the will be full reviews of them all at the end of the season.

Casshern Sins

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One of the five new series from Madhouse studios this season and a remake of the classic series Neo-Human Casshern.  The series centres on a dystopic view of the future where robots have now become self aware but due to a certain series of catalyst of events the end of the world is nigh. Even the robots of this world fear extinction due to a plague they call ‘the ruin’ where they are all just rusting away to nothing. Casshern the one who initially caused all the trouble now has no memory of what he has done and within this now troubled world he must find out what is the truth from the tangled web of stories that have been woven over the last hundred years following the catastrophe.

Very retro in feel (yes I do get a lot of mega man vibes from this) but relatively deep in emotional impact as well as a very intriguing and philosophical view of what happens to society when faced with no future. Harrowing and at times very depressing but I did find if you can get through the initial first episode this makes for very compelling viewing, the action sequences are also incredibly good plus I adore the ED song.

Ga-rei Zero

Ga-rei Zero.jpg

The Japanese Ministry of Defence has an anti-paranormal special forces group. Within this world of supernatural monsters, few humans can actually see these creatures without the use of special equipment those who can are recruited to be exorcists of sorts, the monsters have different classes depending on how dangerous they are and it appears a particularly dangerous one is on the loose, things don’t go well on the first mission and the whole team is taken out by one ‘demonic’ girl with a sword called Yomi. What begins as the usual action series where a group vaporises monsters quickly changes into a poignant portrait of how one previous member has plunged into darkness. When initially viewing this series it was very confusing possibly due to the initial two episodes appearing to be prequels to the now current events, trust me even I was sitting there wondering what on earth was going on. Thankfully now we have some direction and it’s pretty evident that at least for now the main focus is Yomi and her relationship with Kagura the girl you see her fighting against in the second episode.

Originally I didn’t think much of this show but by the third episode it has really started to find it’s footing and Yomi is intriguing enough to watch and find out as to why she has spiralled downward and turned into a brutal killer. Upon meeting the young Yomi I am now curious as to how she became the girl in the first episode. Great action, very nice visuals, an interesting story and some very nice symbolism used throughout as well, lets just hope it stays a little less confused from now on.

Just to add this series is also being aired in an uncensored version as well



The very strange Gothic tinged tale of a perfect butler called Sebastian, He serves the family Phantomhive, one of the noble families of England. Sebastian excels in knowledge, manners, martial arts and everything else, he is a relative Superman of the butler world but he happens to serve a 12 year old master called Ciel, of course as always not everything is as it seems, Sebastian is in fact a demon who is bound by a contract to Ciel.

This series really surprised me it is actually incredibly funny and although I’m not one for butler series I did enjoy what I’ve seen of this. The visuals are incredibly good, the story relatively interesting and I really like the mysterious Victorian Gothic.

Candy Boy

Candy Boy.jpg

I know this isn’t technically a fall show as such but due to the release dates of this show it does now fall into this season as well. The tale of the ‘incestuous’ twins Kanade and Yukino Sakurai and their slice of life adventures which are available in short snippets. This series has so much charm I had to mention it again as I did write about the previous ONA some months ago here.

At just under 12 minutes long you really can’t go wrong with Candy Boy a really nice little series that I wish was longer. Who knows maybe one day we will get a proper series.

Expect full write ups on these shows as fall season closes and the weekly write ups will continue on CLANNAD ~After Story, Shikabane Hime Aka, Mouryou No Hako, Kurozuka, Kannagi and Chaos;Head as well as I am hoping full end of season reviews on ToraDora! and To Aru Majutsu No Index of which I have already written up first episode previews.

Also any comments welcome as to any shows that may have been missed from our write ups this season that are worth a glance.