Kemeko DX (Ep 1)

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The Iron Bride

Hal Film Maker has really managed to create something magnificently crazy within Kemeko Deluxe; another new, wonderfully animated slap-in-the-face for this fall season.

Kemeko DX is quintessentially a comedy, wrapped in action, smothered with fan-service and encased in a strange automated robot-doll-thing. Funnily enough, the automated robot-doll-thing is one of the central characters.

The action begins almost immediately, with Sanpeita Kobayashi‘s room being trashed by a group of spider-like robots and previously mentioned strange automated robot-doll-thing, brandishing a minigun. The modestly shaped robot introduces itself as Sanpeta’s fiancée which makes him think back to his childhood where his first love promised to marry him ten years ago. However he cannot understand how such a lovely pink haired girl could become this dumpy, green haired thing in a decade.

Going to school with is good friend Izumi Makihara (who obviously has a crush on him. They always do) he tries to pass off the craziness in his room as a dream. Not noticing the aircraft jutting out of his roof.

Sanpeta is attacked a grand total of three times in this episode by robots based on household appliances, one being a rice cooker, built by a company called Mishima. Every time he is saved by who is now his wife (according to her), the eccentric robot called Kemeko. There is, however, more to this small robot in the form of a beautiful girl that looks exactly like the one from Sanpeta’s past. Who has a gun in her leg, much like Robocop and fits into Kemeko using what seems to be a liberal amount of Hammerspace.

The episode ends with Sanpeta passing the entire school day off as another dream, much like Izumi did. Of course, it’s not a dream and he finds Kemeko waiting for him in his room, offering dinner, a bath, or ‘di-nn-er’.

[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000243952.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000000125.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000800175.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000662412.jpg

Kemeko DX begins with the OP: ‘Kemeko Deluxe!‘, which is sung by all the main female voice actors, sets the scene perfectly for this anime. It is completely mental. The episode runs at a fast pace and only slows down at a couple of moments to allow a small amount of character development. There isn’t so much fan-service so far but, there was enough. I can only imagine the amount growing as time goes by. The show does quite well in grabbing an interest in the underlying story by making us curious as to why Mishima are after our reluctant hero. The episode tails off with the equally crazy, and quite lewd, ED: ‘Purippurin Taisou‘. Sung by Kemeko’s voice actor, Chiwa Saito.

[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000795378.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_001151735.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_001279237.jpg[StrikeS] Kemeko DX 01 [704x400][XviD][204C4A69].avi_000280780.jpg

I love this series, already. I’ve always been a big fan of the surreal and this one hits the spot, a little too hard if I might say so myself. It’s not mind-bogglingly surreal, but crazy enough to keep you chuckling to yourself.

The character designs are great, especially the girls. Very, very cute. Although Kemeko does creep me out a little. Then again, I can only feel sorry for Sanpeta because of that. If only the mysterious girl would spend more time out of the thing.

Already, I’m drawn into the storyline and I think I’m willing to watch the whole series to find some answers to the questions raised by this episode. I have a feeling its going to be a lot of fun.

My only gripe with this so far is Sanpeta’s skin. He looks like he’s been standing in the sun for a little too long. Why?