Shikabane Hime Aka (Ep 3)

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Makina can actually look cute when she wants to

Shikabane Hime is really turning into a ‘monster of the week series’ but at least gradually more information is being revealed as to the bigger picture and the direction this series may be taking. The animation production is starting to waver at times but the action sequences are still well done and I personally like Makina enough to keep watching, what can I say I’m a sucker personally for moody action girls even if she is the living dead.

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This week Makina and Oori uncover a sinister doctor and his plot to learn to create and control corpses by using the corpse of a woman who died in child birth at his hospital. Initially everyone is at a loss as to why dead young girls keep appearing in puddles of purple goo. The only connection between them all is just prior to their death each visited a certain hospital and there was a baby heard crying nearby. Oori is lead to a mysterious hospital by the strange talking cat (why does no one else think the talking cat is odd?) who claims ‘he is the boy’, he then collapses on the steps outside as he is currently suffering from a cold, has some strange hallucinations involving Keisei and a field of corpses and wakes up to hear sobbing. Makina soon uncovers the possible source of the problem and proves she can actually do another pitch vocally when pretending to be pregnant (I still can’t believe Oori asked her if she was, the girls dead!) and she needs an abortion, hence Makina is the source of the sobbing Oori over hears. Makina also seems pretty convinced by now that Oori is actually stalking her.

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Makina is positive that the baby is the source of the problem, this intuition turns out to be slightly wrong after she is attacked by the child’s mother, a rather grotesque corpse and I swear you can see Makina’s spine snap. In the back room in typical ‘evil doctor style’ the plot is revealed that the mad doctor is using the corpse he has chained up in the basement in a crazy experiment to attempt to control the undead. One thing the doctor appears to not realise is Makina is already one of the undead! He does ask her name though and it’s revealed that her family died in a fire (so some of Makina’s back story is starting to leak out) but it wasn’t the fire that killed her, hopefully they will tell us what killed her later on. Makina escapes her bindings does her weekly dose of  ‘looky it’s an undead girl with Uzi’s and she’s now turning said mentioned corpse into mush’. We are left with the final images of Oori passing out and awakening to see Keisei has rescued him and Makina is still complaining about why Oori keeps turning up and disturbing her work. When Keisei visits the doctor, he’s found impaled by some type of lance and we zoom in on what is probably next weeks bad guy licking blood off his hand. Obviously darker forces are at work here.. dun-dun-dun..

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As a series this is pretty run of the mill action fluff, still nothing to write home about but due to the dark subject matter I am as always compelled to keep watching. The animation is starting to appear slightly bitty but at least Gainax understood the whole ‘then there was light’ this week as I could at least see what was going on. I’m intrigued enough with Makina to find out what is going on and with how heavy a lot of other shows are this season on plot this is a welcome relief, I personally do find Oori to be a real drip at the moment and why is no one concerned about the talking cat? Is it normal to have a kitty speak to you in the world of Gainax?