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This is the weirdest harem I've ever seen

CHAOS;HEAD is gradually becoming stranger by the week. Madhouse seem to really love making shows this season with mixed realities. The animation quality was much the same as the first episode, personally I’m still not a huge fan of the character designs but I am intrigued enough by the whole premise of this show to keep watching.

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The episode begins where the last left off Takumi is at school and in front of him is the demon girl from the previous night, She appears to have absolutely no idea what on earth Takumi is going on about and tells him ‘Respect, don’t talk to yourself’ (I believe this is meant to be a catchphrase of some kind) and that this is no way to treat one of his friends. Her name is actually Rimi Takihara and the pair of them at least according to photographic evidence have been friends since the first year of high school. Takumi seems to have absolutely no recollection of her at all but he does know her name (how odd). Later in his strange steel shed type room, he’s playing video games as always and behind him appears Rimi covered in blood claiming he can’t escape because she will find him. The vision then appears to vanish and who is standing there but Rimi, completely clean of any blood stains and she’s wearing a rather worried expression and asking if Taku is ok. The girl herself actually seems perfectly normal, which appears to be the complete opposite of Takumi, so the viewer is left pondering is this all really one of his delusions.

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This idea that he is actually just very delusional is further echoed by the only piece of evidence the police have which could reveal a suspect is of Takumi running away from the murder scene. Yua the blonde girl we met in the previous episode seems to echo this belief that it may actually be Takumi committing these heinous acts as she believes he is actually the ‘Shogun’ who sent the images in the first place to Takumi and what is really strange (I did ponder this after the first episode) why did Takumi receive a photo of the murder scene the day before the act was committed, possibly Yua’s right that Takumi possesses a precognition ability. Either way the boy is clearly pretty insane.

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This episode has actually heightened my curiosity with regards to this series, I do like how there a little hints everywhere and so many hidden clues for the viewer to seek out. Currently I am pretty much of the opinion that Takumi has some form of schizophrenia mixed in with possibly a multiple personality disorder. As a leading character I still find him immensely creepy, but all together quite fascinating. It does seem that this series may go through several different plot twists until we discover what is actually the true reality. I am pretty confused as to what is actually happening at this current moment in time but what can I say ‘curiosity killed the cat‘ and I want to know what all the hype about this series is. I’m sure this will end up being a show you have to re watch for a second time to get the full effect of all the hints and separate plot twists, either way this could end up pretty compelling viewing, with the right air of eerie. If anything this may turn out to be one of the oddest harem shows I’ve ever watched.