Kannagi ~Crazy Shrine Maidens~ (Ep 3)

Kannagi 03 12.jpg

Nagi proves she can do a Konata expression as well

Kannagi made a slight shift this week from the usual drama at Jin’s house, this appears to be turning more into a slice of life (although very strange life) school series, or at least it did for this week. The animation production is still spot on in my opinion, but I swear Nagi’s skirt appears to be getting shorter or maybe it’s just me.

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Jin finally makes it into school this week after taking several days off prior to babysit Nagi. We are treated t o the art clubs shenanigans and we’re introduced to who I believe are Jin’s friends,  either way this is actually quite hilarious, I do especially like the rather crazy manga obsessed otaku boy who compares everything that happens to what could happen in a manga. There’s also the typical lovable very sensitive lug who is huge but can’t contain himself about how cute a kitty manga (or at least I think it’s a manga) is, it seems this series is still going down the route of overused stereotypes. Not to say they aren’t well done or comical though.

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This episode revolves around current art club deciding to go off on an adventure to investigate the presence of a ghost in the old art club room, Nagi manages to convince Tsugumi to allow her to borrow a school uniform so she can search for an impurity she sensed (I also think she just struggled to be without Jin for the day), Nagi spends the day at school mischief making and now everyone knows her elaborate ‘we’re related’ story’, the whole haunted art room is revealed to be a hoax (I am now feeling very scooby doo) and Nagi finally finds where the impurity is, she also happens to find something I doubt she was expecting, her little sister (the same girl with purple hair who we see in the OP) who I don’t think Nagi is that happy to see. Supernatural harem drama here we come, not that we weren’t exactly expecting it, the show is called Crazy Shrine Maidens after all.

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Kannagi is still a great show and although almost everything they are currently covering has been done before, the style and way that it is presented is enough to keep most entertained. The star of the show is most definitely Nagi she holds the viewers attention every time she appears and I adore the vast array facial expressions they give her. Great production, a very witty script, great music and often beautiful visuals this show is a weekly light hearted treat and incredibly enjoyable.