SkyeQuiKey gives global search at your fingertips on Nokia N95


While I do love my Nokia N95 it can be troublesome sometimes to quickly find the programs you want to use without having to bind shortcuts for each and every one. I’m sure it is the same for many users of Smartphones where it just takes too many keypresses to find the contact you want, program to load or videogame to play.

SkyeQuiKey however makes finding contacts, programs, bookmarks and pretty much everything quickly and intuitively. The program does so by running in the background upon startup which then scans all the programs, contacts and files on your handset. Once it is done from the standby screen you simply punch in what you want to find using the keypad, using the T9 Predictive Text feature.

SkyeQuiKey (2).jpg SkyeQuiKey (3).jpg

For example, lets say I wanted to call the contact called “Home”. For users who are comfortable with T9, you simply punch in the keys 4663

  • 4 – H
  • 6 – O
  • 6 – M
  • 3 – E


And voilla! the contact called “Home” is displayed. From here you can simply press the Call button to call that contact. You can do much more though! Let’s say you wanted to send a text to that contact. Once again from the standby screen I punch in 4663 to bring up the “Home” contact. This time though I press the Right directional key and the software will automatically create a new text message for me. I find this method actually faster to create new messages to people than the default method; which makes you use a shortcut for Create a new message, then click to bring up the contacts list, run a search, then click again to confirm the contact. As you can see, its pretty long winded.

You can configure what the left and right directional keys do as shortcuts, for example to send an MMS, email or new text so you can set the defaults to your chosing.

To find programs you do the exact same thing, using T9. Again lets way I want to browse the internet, I would just punch in the numbers to spell “Web” which is 932.

  • 9 – W
  • 3 – E
  • 2 – B

SkyeQuiKey (4).jpg

It’s that simple. You can do this for any installed bookmark, program, game and contact on your mobile phone. Another nice feature that doesn’t exist on the phone itself is to search a contact by its telephone number. From the standby screen you punch in the telephone number and the relevant contact will be listed.

In all I find this tool much more user friendly and so simple compared to the built in search, of which I have disabled. You do need to have this program running upon startup which adds a few extra seconds to the startup of your mobile but its a small cost to pay. Also the battery drain I found is minimal and so this is actually the only program I let run on default on startup bar FSCaller (Full Screen Caller) and Advance Device Locks, both of which will be reviewed shortly.

You can download a 1-Day trial here and to buy this fantastic piece of software, pop over to the Skyestream Shop and pay £9.85 which is well worth the money. Highly recommended and does exactly as it says on the tin.