How to use the Playstation 3 Eye as a webcam on Windows

Playstation 3 Eye

Full credit goes to AlexP, the administrator of the NUI Group forum for developing this driver to work under Windows! It’s an amazing feat and a feature requested by many people so kudo’s to him! This should work under Windows XP and Vista. Older versions of Windows I am unsure of, however if you have tried it and managed to get it working, please leave a comment so I can credit you.

  • You download the PS3EyeSetup file and simply install it, following the on screen prompts
  • Plug in your Playstation 3 Eye
  • After its installed it should look like the bottom screen


Credit to AlexP of NUI Group

Once its installed you can run the PS3EyeTest.exe file to test your Playstation 3 Eye camera which will show a picture and the Frames Per Second (FPS) count.


Credit to AlexP of NUI Group

And that’s it! You should be able to use it under most Windows applications as well as a webcam or for other purposes. It is a cheap and rather powerful camera as it is, much more than the Playstation 2 Eyetoy and a worthy upgrade if you have one around.

EDIT: The original setup file was removed due to reports of Trojans. I have replaced it with the most recent version found on Alex’s website.

New PS3Eye Camera Setup v2.1.0.0130

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  • Hi the file posted here is a Trojan! Please update the link of download..

    • eMagi

      Files have been scanned and do not contain trojans.

  • Pocky

    Okay, so I installed the driver and every thing and when I do the test for the ps3 eye it just says initializing driver but the cam never turns on because I assume the cam would show video right away. Does any one know how I can fix it?

  • uhm is the file trojan fixed yet? gosh whats up with people adding trojans on files like if its fun or something.. lamesssssss

  • I have updated the post with the latest driver and setup files. I’ve scanned them and its all clean. Hope it works for you guys ^_^

    As for why people put in trojans in such files… I have no idea at all. However I’m sure it wasn’t intentional on Alex’s behalf.

  • KenKaniff

    Got the app workin fine. Only issue i have is that it must have installed to a folder that doesn’t seem to allow it to be used as a webcam or image capture devise. i have an acer aspire one w/built in webcam but wanted to see if i could run this anyway. If u have any ideas, they would be appreciated..thx

  • Danny H

    hey i’ve downloaded it got it working and everything but now it is saying on windows live no device found but on the ps3 test scan/run i can see my self perfectly plz help me . thx

  • Jason M.

    yeah, so i downloaded it and when i click on Ps3Eye test App it says cannot run something about missing WINUSB.DLL and it said to reinstall it so i did and it still doesn’t work can i get some assisstance

  • dantheman

    worked for me

  • Racheal Sims

    i downloaded it and when i click on the test, it says there is not ps3 eye found

  • AirbenderFan3000

    says that it could not find the ps3 eye

  • AirbenderFan3000

    says that it could not find the ps3 eye