Kannagi ~Crazy Shrine Maidens~ (Ep 2)

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The second episode of Kannagi from A-1 Pictures was just as good as the first, the humour is still coming in thick and fast but at the same time deeper issues are starting to emerge. I still adore the OP to this series, I think it’s easily my favourite of the season, the animation is simply flawless. The animation within the second episode although still incredibly good there appear to be a few cracks starting to form in the consistency, which is a shame, but over all the production is some of the best this season.

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It appears Nagi and Jin are starting to feel the pressure of living together, wow after one night, it didn’t take them long before they’re winding each other up with hilarious results. The episode begins with Nagi proclaiming that she’s broken her wand and that Jin must get her a new one, as she is a God and all and she needs it to remove the impurities infesting within the town. Jin refuses to be bossed around by Nagi (finally a male with some sort of back bone all be it small) and gives her super glue instead to fix it, personally if I was Jin I’d explain to Nagi how to use it first.

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Nagi ventures outside after hearing constant mewing all night to find a couple of kittens that she instantly wants to adopt and raise as her own, Jin refuses to allow her and believes the mother cat will be nearby so they can get milk from her, as oppose to Nagi who hilariously complains that her breasts are too small (I think she wants to feed the kittens herself). Nagi must really get a kick out of annoying Jin because she’s spectacularly managed to super glue her wand to the middle of the table (well I do think he should have shown her what to do) and apparently Nagi’s ‘other personality did it’, well this other personality also decides to pop up when the mysterious telephone caller from the previous episode makes a visit, Jin’s childhood friend Tsugumi and the last thing she’s expecting to see is, well Nagi. Nagi decides to weave an interesting tale which does indeed get Jin off the hook about having some strange girl in his house but her over dramatics really do take things slightly too far.

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Upon returning home from walking Tsugumi home, Jin spies the kittens mother who appears to have died, realising his mistake from this morning regarding the kittens he rushes home to find Nagi in a God like trance with the dead kittens in her arms. Later when Jin asks Nagi about what she did with the kittens she flies off the handle as to his impertinence at asking such a thing of a God, Nagi subsequently runs off to the old shrine, meets some kids and yet again has trouble dealing with the impurities herself. Jin arrives to save the day as per usual and the pair head home with a possible renewed respect for each other.

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As second episodes go I was very impressed with this great animation, the difficult plot lines were dealt with sensitively and Nagi is an absolute riot when it comes to getting herself in trouble. Kannagi as a show keeps getting better and although it isn’t action packed and at times treads a lot of familiar ground, the ideas are portrayed with a fresh enough outlook and a great enough script to keep at least me watching. Haruka Tomatsu is fast becoming my seiyuu of the season she is doing a great job on this and several of her other projects. Kannagi is extremely enjoyable and I do think it’s one of the best comedies of the season.