Shikabane Hime Aka (Ep 2)

SHIKABANE 02 main.jpg

Shikabane Hime Aka started with a bit of a bang this week or at least with an OP sequence that was actually surprisingly good, I really loved the song “Beautiful fighter” by Angela it went extremely well with the OP animation, with some nice GAINAX action going on as well. The ED which I didn’t mention last week was slightly more disappointing although I do really like the song “My story” by Angela I always see just playing back the episodes animation as lazy titles even if they are eerie and the song sounds great.


This week we see Makina chasing after some shikabane children who apparently ‘just want to play’, yeah with your head and various body parts. It was really nice to finally have a run through, well slightly at least of what shikabane are and some info on Makina’s position, of course still no mention of what her complete mission actually is. There was a second corpse princess introduced this week as well, I think this at least helped slightly with humanising the corpse princesses, as well as possibly giving rise to the notion we will learn more via alternative routes not just Makina’s journey. Oori’s character was explained slightly more but I have no idea really what he has to do with Makina, unless he’s set up to take over from Keisei at some point. Makina proves herself to be every ounce the masochist, wow does that girl love to be beaten up every week, at least those scars heal instantly. The episode ended with an all out fight to the death between Makina and the scary undead kiddies who morphed into a giant blob, alien monster. It seems every week we will be treated to an array of Gainax doing what they do best great action sequences and Makina killing off gradually more terrifying foes.

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As second episodes go I was a lot happier with this, at least we appeared to get some more explanation as to what Makina’s role is. I really like the atmosphere of this series, it has just the right level of creepy to keep me interested. The action sequences were really good, I was impressed by the flow of the animation and the movements they managed to execute quite flawlessly, except someone really need to tell someone to turn the light on, as the scenes can get a bit too dark at times. I still don’t know quite where this series is going, or what they are setting up for but I have a feeling as there is a second series already planned for winter season that we are setting up for something pretty big.

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Makina’s monotone voice is growing on me and as characters none are particularly unlikable. I am curious as to what relationship Makina and Oori will share in later episodes, Makina’s reaction to learning Oori’s true identity was actually quite moving and I enjoyed the action fluff enough to want to keep watching this series, I am still living in hope that it will eventually get a lot darker. It’s a fun watch nothing too mentally challenging and the production makes up for the lack of direction at the moment. I will say one thing though could they lay off the really awful humour it doesn’t work in this series, it’s too dark and the jokes really seem to ruin serious moments. I do enjoy this series anyway, not the best this season has to offer but worth watching.