CLANNAD ~After Story~ (Ep 2)

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With the second episode of CLANNAD ~After Story~ we appear to be embarking on the Sunohara arc from the original CLANNAD game. No complaints here though personally I think it’s nice that Kyoto Animation appear to be taking the time to cover all character arc’s, even the minor characters. The animation production as always from KyoAni is amazing to look at, I do adore how they manage subtle animation and body movements so well.


This episode begins with a glimpse back into the other world, it was nice to see the girl and the robot again, I am still curious just as to how they are intending on tying this sequence in with the main story line this time around but it is still beautiful to watch. I love the animation on the robot running and the strange sheep like creatures the girl seems to have found. There was an echoing of the word alone running through this segment so possibly it’s a reflection of what is coming as the main After Story plot deepens. Currently we are still very much in light hearted territory.


Sunohara gives Tomoya the idea that if he found a nice level headed girl friend that his younger sister Mei possibly wouldn’t worry about his lack of motivation or life goals any more. Tomoya half out of the wish to help his friend and I have a feeling half out of seeing it as a chance to have a good laugh agrees to help him find a ‘fake’ girl friend to get Mei off Sunohara’s back, of course they have poor little Nagisa tagging along in their scheme as they proceed to ask each of the girls to help them out. This ends up with Ryou crying because she’s so embarrassed by the suggestion, Kyou in a fit of rage that the boys made her sister cry descends into her usual arsenal of flying books, spinning kicks and slaps in her fit of rage at their insolent suggestions, I particularly liked how she offered to, rip out Sunohara’s vocal cords for him as a reward if he repeated his suggestion again of asking her. Tomoyo in all her dignity handles the situation quite differently, well initially anyway, she plain blanks his request (I did love her look of disgust that he touched her as she brushed her arm), She pays along for a bit in her usual matter of fact way, till he even pushes her limits and she kicks him over the wall. Is it just me who senses Tomoyo is slightly peeved about the whole Nagisa beating her when it came to Tomoya’s affections. Kotomi agrees to help out, well until she manages to deafen them all with her violin playing,  they even resort to asking Yukine in the library for assistance, well until a guy she’d been hiding in there beats Sunohara up, it really doesn’t appear to be his day.

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When they had finally given up hope who should step in to help out but Sanae (Nagisa’s mum), who Sunohara still believes is Nagisa’s sister. Nagisa isn’t too sure about this whole situation, I don’t think I would be either to be honest. Sanae explains her motives as she believes there is a lot of good in Sunohara and she wishes to help push him in the right direction. We are then treated to a costume fest as Sanae tries on multiple outfits from what I believe are the drama clubs storage, In the the maid outfit she bore a scary resemblance to Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have to say wow Sanae can really pull off the school girl outfit, even Tomoya was blushing. The episode concludes on Mei finding out about the new girl friend and seeing Sanae in her school girl get up with her brother, she doesn’t look too happy.

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As CLANNAD episodes go this was probably one of the funniest I have seen in a long time, I loved the girls reactions each of course playing up to their own personalities. The whole idea of Sanae playing the role of Sunohara’s girlfriend although initially slightly weird, was actually handled very well and had me laughing so hard at some points I struggled to breathe. I also particularly liked the pipe music playing the the background of Sunohara’s getting to know Sanae scene, and Sunohara’s reaction when Sanae asked if she could call him Youhei-kun. It’s great that Sunohara has been given a chance to shine in his own story arc, this episode was very enjoyable and although we haven’t hit the drama yet, CLANNAD still manages to deliver every week a heartwarming great series, which just gets funnier as it goes on.