Now we’ve all heard of Air Guitar, everyone does it when listening to their fave rock song but have you ever heard of Air Fighting? Well now you have…


Mazu-Kan is a two player Air Fighting game. You simply wear the gadget and when you throw a punch, clench the palm of your hands and if it hits your opponent their equipment will vibrate indicating a direct hit. Of course it is all non-contact hence the Air fighting bit so it is all harmless fun for $50. You can also attack through obstacles super hero style for extra effect. Its a shame it only vibrates though, if it could deliver an electric shock depending on the ferocity of the attack now that would be fun… You can then finally attempt to throw a HaDoKen with some results ^_^

For more information read the product listing at ThinkGeek.

  • Yink

    deliver an electric shot, lmao.

  • walking leaf

    Looks fun but can you strap the vibrating pad somewhere else on your body i.e. your groin? 😉