Psiloc Connect: Control internet connections on Nokia N95

Psiloc Connect

Ever been in a position where you use your latest Symbian S60 smartphone ready to browse the internet at home but wish to exclusively use the faster connection your home network provides? Then let’s say you get a call to meet a friend in town which means you will go out of the WiFi range at home and to re-establish a connection again you have to manually set it to use the internet via 3G/GSM. Its frustrating to me having to always go into the settings page or define an Access Point to use everytime I want to use the internet and it seems I’m not alone in this.

Psiloc has designed a neat and small piece of software that automatically handles the connection change for you. Regardless of where you are, Psiloc Connect will attempt to connect to defined and known WiFi Access Points first and if that fails, it will then connect to a 3G/GSM connection straight away – Keeping you online regardless of where you are, without fuss.

Psiloc Connect (2).jpg Psiloc Connect

That’s how the mobile world should be. The device is simple to configure, you simply load up the software and change the thee options available to you:

  • If WLAN is not available (Connect via 3G/GSM or Don’t Connect)
  • 3G/GSM access point (dependant upon your provider)
  • Use while roaming (Yes or No)

You then do a one time setup of your internet aware applications, such as your Web Browser, and define the newly created Psiloc Connect access point as your default connection type. Psiloc Connect will then handle everything else automatically whenever you connect to the internet dynamically on the fly, keeping you online in between WiFi and 3G/GSM networks. As long as roaming is enabled of course!

If however you are for example are travelling abroad where using mobile internet networks are often  ridiculously expensive, then you can disable Roaming to make sure it only connects to a WiFi network – Saving you a rather substantial mobile bill for when you check out FaceBook and other sites on the move.

The beauty of this program as well is that Psiloc Connect does not need to be run at startup, eating valuable resources and eating battery life. You simply set things up in the program, in your internet aware applications and leave it alone. In most cases, it runs flawlessly!

I have however found some issues with it. Lets say you stumble upon a free and open WiFi network that you know you can connect to, of which has yet to be defined by your mobile. Psiloc Connect would not recognise this fact and automatically add it as an access point or indeed connect to it. The only way to remedy this, is to manually define the access point and then the program will pick it up for future use. I know it’s not a major issue but its one thing I would like to see added to truely make this piece of software perfect.

Psiloc Connect comes highly recommended by me and costs €9.95 (£7.90) and also comes with a fully functional 10 Day Trial.