The Wonderful World of Zombuki!

zombuki kiku kira
Photo by Brigitte – Kira and Kiku the Dal twins.

The wonder and beauty that are Zombuki dolls have been created by Brigitte Coover since August 19th 2007. Aged 27 years old and living in the sunshine state of Florida, creative Brigitte has designed many lovable and amazing Zombuki dolls with different features and colours to suit different people. I got the chance to interview Brigitte online and ask a few questions about Zombuki.

Space Intruders
Photo by Brigitte – Coco & Kazami as Space Intruders!

Chako: So what inspired you to make Zombuki?
Originally Greggia inspired me, lol, she was a Pullip I had that I didn’t want anymore and I tried to sell her, but no one wanted her. I decided to just go ahead and do the craziest custom I wanted to, which was a Pullip translation of a fashion photo shoot that I had seen and really loved. Things pretty much snowballed from there and I decided to take the style out, make it into something of my own, and now it’s 20 dolls later! lol

Chako: Apart from the beautiful and amazing designs you paint on their face what other custom work do you give to the Zombuki that isn’t part of the original Pullip base you work on?
Brigitte: For Pullips in my newer work I’ll carve the lips to make them look a little fuller, and with Dals I’ll often sand down the cheeks to make them look a bit less grumpy (though I do like a slightly grumpy Dal now and then). With Blythe I do pretty standard modifications like lip carving, boggle the eyes, sleep eyes, etc. I also make custom jewelry for girls like necklaces, barrettes, earrings, I’ve even painted a few toenails ;3

Chako: Do you take commissions or just make what you wish and give them a home?
Brigitte: I’ll let people say what colors inspire them, what they absolutely want and don’t want, and when I have something come along in my mind that matches that I’m always happy, but I don’t accept commissions in anything close to a traditional sense.

Zombuki Masai

Photo by Brigitte – Masai showing her detailed cheek work.

Chako: Which Zombuki did you find hard to work on?
They’re really all a joy, which sounds cheesy but it’s true, only a tiny handful have been a struggle – Masai’s cheek designs were so intricate they took an incredible amount of time, and Hirondelle was a real handful!

Chako: Do you have your own Zombuki and if so which?
I have a few, Galupe technically belongs to my boyfriend but she lives in my studio with me, Yuri and Ume are also both in my personal collection. For the longest time, the first year, I didn’t keep anything I made, so I’m happy to have a few of my own!

Ume Zombuki

Photo by Brigitte – Inspired by cherry blossoms, Ume is Brigitte’s own Zombuki.

Chako: You have been working on Dals and Blythe dolls as well as Pullips, is it different to working on a Pullip and are you thinking about Taeyang Zombuki in the future?
Pullip is really my muse, of all the dolls I’ve worked on Pullip is my number one, I feel the most inspired by her face and I never stop seeing potential. Dal has really charmed me as well, they have distinctly different strengths, but if I could only work on one it would be Pullip. I’m certainly not opposed to making a Taeyang some time next year, I’ve been meaning to try it, there might even be a BJD Zombuki some day!

Chako: Thanks, Brigitte! I really hope to see more Zombuki dolls in the future, specially a BJD version!

You can find out more about Zombuki as well as find out how to get your own beautiful handmade doll by checking out the offical website at or go to her blog where you can keep up to date on Zombuki dolls and products.

“Zombuki, a combination of the words “zombie” and “kabuki,” was a term dreamed up with the help of a friend some time ago. Zombukis are meant to be a hybrid of many styles and cultures (the zombie itself being both alive and dead), able to embody many looks, to be chimeras of the doll world.”

Taken from Brigitte’s site.