Only in Japan: How to improve your workout?


By enlisting maids to join you on Nintendo’s Wii Fit game of course! Only in Japan would you see such a concept and indeed the guy that came up with the idea is charging for such a pleasure.

Playing Wii Fit by yourself is lonely. But here, playing along with a maid makes exercising enjoyable.

I’m sure it makes many exercises rather enjoyable indeed. If you are in Japan then you can find such activities in Akihabara’s Refresh Club, where you will be greeted with maids all dressed up for you guilty pleasure as you work up a sweat. However it comes at a price! Half an hour’s workout shifting your weight and stretching around attractive maids will cost you Â¥2,600 (£14).

Wii Fit comes with a variety of modes that enhance your fitness such as Yoga where you have to perform various positions and stretches, Hula Hoop where you have to move your hips in tandem to keep the hoop going and rather interestingly a mode called Lotus Focus – Where you must remain motionless whilst maintaining your concentration by looking at something. I’m sure there won’t be many distractions though during this mode!

Maid: a female servant (

This kickstarts a series of features hopefully pretty regularly here on eMagi where we will report on the funny, bizzare and everything inbetween that can only happen in Japan. Look forward to what might happen next, just be sure you clean off that sweat after you’ve finished.