MCM London Anime Expo

It was mine and my sister’s first time attending the London anime convention and what a blast it was! Not only did we get to meet up with some great friends but also got to meet fellow anime fans and the staff from

For those who are unaware of the event, it is a convention where anime (Japanese animation) and videogame fans unite together under one roof to socialise, buy and sell merchandise, view the latest products from companies like ADV, NEO, Manga Entertainment UK and Cosplay!

Cosplay is a term used where fans dress up as their favourite characters from the anime and videogame relm and winners get awarded prizes and pictures taken fro the press. It’s all about fun at the end of the day and even I went as a character! All I had to do is wear a white T-shirt, black trousers and a brown hair band and boom! Harima from School Rumble was born! Thanks to Liz for the hair band by the way!

From Nov 29th to 30th the event took place and it was jam packed with people from all over the world and with special events, guests signings, DDR competitions and more on the day, there was plenty to keep you busy.

Aspiring Manga-ka’s (artists) could also participate live at the event or show pre-drawn artwork at the SweatDrop section of the hall. The work would get pinned up and one could get advice from people within the industry, helping people starting out a Manga (Japanese Comic) to get on their feet.

The Masquerade event was good as people who have cos-played had a stage to perform in front of an audience and to get their outfit rated by a panel of judges. The quality of the costumes was varied but everyone was enjoying the event. Some more so than others! (you know who you are!).

In all it was a great weekend in London and we’ll be back again next year not only to attend the event but to meet up with friends once again. Shoutouts to Caz, Liz, Bon, Gam and special thanks to Hideki of Tokyotoys for finding time to talk to us! Until next time!