Review: Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (Volume 1)


Black Lagoon returns in the Second Barrage a continuation of the original series.  Expect more drinking, swearing and gun-fights as the season starts off with a spooky and somewhat surreal bang.

Join Revy ‘Two Hands’, the gun-toting killer with a love for action, drink, and Rock, the ex-salaryman now working as the errand boy for the Lagoon Company, a group of mercenaries who smuggle goods around the seas of southeast Asia in order to make a living in Roanapur, an island filled with the scum of the earth.



Revy and Eda get alot of attention on these episodes.

The bulk of volume 1 focuses on Hansel and Gretel, a pair of twins and child assassins going around killing members of the various gangs on the island of Roanapur. With Balalaika sending her entire force of the Russian Mafia out after them, Revy and her friend Eda (of the rip-off church) have got to watch their backs if they want to get the bounty for themselves.

Along with the main focus on the twin assassins, the DVD starts the next mini-arc of Greenback Jane as she finds herself being hunted down after a failed money counterfeiting job, with Revy and Eda being forced to help protect her.

Volume 1 doesn’t have much in terms of extras.  There’s nothing to see outside of the standard Clean Closing and Trailers for MVM‘s other anime.

BL-SB-2.jpg BL-SC-3.jpg BL-SB-6.jpg BL-SB-5.jpg

While the previous season was pretty straight-forward and fun to watch, the opening episodes of season 2 were  little more disturbing, especially with Hansel and Gretel.

It can be said that the twins are probably the most deranged characters you’ll see in the entire Black Lagoon series.  Believing that the more they killed, the stronger they would become, and brought up in a world of pedophilia, they don’t just enjoy killing, they seem to revel in it, especially when they are found after torturing one of their victims.

That aside, volume 1 brings along most of what you will already expect, if you’ve seen the previous season.  The action is high-up, with plenty of guns blazing and people getting killed, the dub contains plenty of language too, not being afraid to throw out F’s and S’s here and there.  Of course the fan service is still there in her hot-pants and mini-top, plus Eda gets in on the action too, almost upstaging Revy in a way.

In this volume, we don’t see much growth from Revy. We, instead, get some growth from Eda, along with gaining a little more knowledge on the rip-off church (you don’t want to mess with a church that provides everyone with their guns).  Rock’s character, while only making small appearances throughout the DVD, expands a little too as we learn a little more about his old job along with his continuing struggle with the new life he leads and the things he has to deal with as if they were an everyday occurrence.



I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the start of the Second Barrage, despite the questions it made me ask regarding the twins, it certainly has the same style and feel as the original season, and the final episode on the disc helps bring some laughs back after the rather sad ending of episode 3.

That aside, I’d definitely recommend the Second Barrage if you want an action-filled anime which is aimed for an older audience, this should do you well.

ProducersMadhouse, MVM
Duration140 minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese (With English Subtitles)