ALcon 2008: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series


When you’re the only one who hasn’t seen a series and all your friends are quoting it, it’s hard not to feel left out. So when I went to Alcon 2008 and saw a 2 hour block dedicated to it, I decided now was the time to change all that. No longer would I be excluded from conversation. So over I headed to the lecture theatre with my friends, all happily quoting the series as they walked along, I smiled politely having no idea what they were talking about, but I soon would.

YuGiOhAbridged_Ep08.jpg 3954749.jpg

The first series consists of 22 episodes and a movie. Basically chunks are taken from the first series of Yu-Gi-Oh! And re-dubbed in an effective and highly amusing way. The Abridged Series is basically a cheeky take of the series and cuts each Yu-Gi-Oh! Episode down to around 5-10 minutes each.
Whilst the main point of the show is the humour side of it, dribbles of the story are still kept vaguely intact.


Yugi and Joey still have the same goal, but it’s not as serious. Yugi is still trying to save his Grandpa and Joey is still trying to raise the money for his sister’s eyes, though he often forgets his reasoning.

The jokes are fresh and funny, it puts a fun and unique twist on the series, I’m sure we’ll see abridged series like this in the future with this break through show. In fact I believe one has already been spurned for Naruto.


Joey’s hate towards Kaiba is turned into a yearning for him, Bakura’s being British is heavily played upon with cliché British swear words being used by him constantly and people often thinking him gay. Mai’s breasts are the focal point of her character, Tristan’s dub voice dies a dozen episodes in and is brought back an episode or two later when Yugi uses the rebirth card in a game to bring back Tristan’s dub voice.

All in all it’s a fantastic watch it, I found it highly entertaining and managed to sit through 18 episodes before going for food as I was slowly wasting away. I could have quite easily for the last couple of episodes however as it was a light watch and the episodes were a short.

Quite easily could be watched by fans and even those who are not fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!