Final Fight (Arcade)


Cody, Guy and Haggar are the playable characters in this classic street brawler. This game defined side scrolling fighting titles back in the early 90’s with large detailed sprites and immersive gameplay. The premise is simple – Save Detroit City from the evil gangs within while saving Haggar’s daughter. How? By beating the crap out of anything that moves.

Simple controls such as punch and kick ensured anyone could play and was a hit for Capcom and created many sequels with the latest being a truly awful 3D brawler on the PS2. By pressing both buttons together you would activate a special move, all dependant on which character you chose. Speaking of the characters, they fall into the general stereotype classes such as Guy (speed/weak), Cody (balanced) and Haggar (slow/powerful). With up to two players fighting together, and sometimes against each other, co-operation play was possible and was certainly needed against the later bosses.

The SNES port was one I was highly looking forward to back in the day, however to my dismay it was only singleplayer! The SNES was designed for up to 4 players with a multitap so this confused me greatly as I loved the arcade. There were also quite a few edits due to Nintendo, such as all alcohol referances being replaced and indeed the infamous Poison enemy. Poison was originally a female punk in the game, yet being found to attack and punch a female wasn’t acceptable by Nintendo. So the character sprite was totally changed to a male called Billy. Pretty lame if you ask me!

poison.gifLooks female right? RIGHT?!

However there has been many conspiracies that Poison is in fact a transsexual, which then scream of TRAP! Having a male dressed as a female in games and anime is not uncommon (think Bridget in Guilty Gear) yet even the developers was unsure about Poison’s genre. So I shall leave it for you to decide.

Anyone who is into gaming though I’m sure has played this before or at least know of it and it remains a timeless classic, even to this day.