ALcon 2008 starts today in Leicester!


ALcon is in it’s second year running as a smaller anime and videogame convention in Leicester! I went last year for its debut convention and due to the smaller amount of people then (around 200) and the events listed, I found it much more relaxed and easier to have fun and enjoy the company around me. This time out the capacity has been doubled to 400 and the events list has been spiced up, along with a new structure for the committee to help improve organisation. Much has been promised for this year’s convention and we hope it will deliver after Amecon! Here is the official blurb for ALcon by the Chairman Mike Towers:

Welcome to Alcon 2008! We are an extremely friendly anime convention running on Friday 5th- Sunday 7th September 2008 at De Montfort University in Leicester. It’s just £25 for three day entry, and just £21 a night for accommodation. As well as anime screening, there shall be a video gaming room, an Artist Ally, a Cosplayer’s Hangout, a Card-Gaming/Roleplaying room, an Anime Bar, a Dealers room and more special events than you can shake a stick at! Finally! Keep an eye out for the Pirates v Ninjas v Vampires clans as they battle! Which side wins? YOU shall decide!

The whole ALcon schedule is available here to view and as you can see, its quite a mix. A nice addition is the JDrama section showing some great series such as Gokusen, Nobuta Wo Produce, Akihabara Deep, My Boss My Hero, Stand UP! and the NANA movie.

There are also many panels which interest me, especially ones related to Japanese Culture headed by Akemi Solloway. These include Kimino and Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Origami, Japanese people’s life style, Japanese language lesson and Ryukyu Shamisen Music, all of which will help educate and give more of an insight into the culture of Japan. In addition to those will be:

  • Model Painting by Gurinder of GundamNation
  • Anime Industry Panel [TBC]
  • Manga Character Drawing by Sonia Leong
  • Radio Show Podcasting by MGAC
  • Ball-Jointed-Dolls Panel by MysticalMaz of Angelsoflife
  • Yu Gi Oh Abridged Fandom Panel by YGO:TAS Community Team
  • Japanese Culture by Akemi Solloway (Exact panels TBC)
  • Life Drawing for Manga by Sally Thompson

Hopefully eMagi will be there for many of the events throughout the weekend to give a report on them. If we can get an internet connection over there as well, then we will try to give live reports! We didn’t manage to over at Amecon sadly due to lack of connection and hardware but it will be different this time.

ALcon 2007.jpg
ALcon 2007 with Simon, Jon, Akemi, Amy and Myself. All those bottles are not mine…

What would be a convention without the dealers? ALcon has quite a few listed and will be in one larger hall all together to make things easier. Due to the setup last year sadly the dealers room was split into two smaller rooms but this has been amended! Who can you expect to see? Well here is the list:

Our good friends, Phil and Lydia of Genki Gear will be attending as its always a pleasure meeting them and having a chat at various conventions and expos along with Gurinder of GundamNation providing quality and affordable Gundam models for all of our Mecha fans. Hopefully we can get a picture with these guys and other dealers here for eMagi!

There is so much to cover at conventions but the main thing as ever is to have fun and to meet new faces and make new friends. The atmosphere was quite friendly last year and the accommodation was very adequate. ALcon is fully booked and due to the size of it, it is also one of the cheaper conventions this year at only £21 a night for accommodation and £25 for a 3 Day Pass for the convention. You can also just buy a 1 Day Pass for £15. In total for me to stay for Friday and Saturday and the 3 Day pass, it was only £67. In comparison the tickets alone for Amecon was £45, let alone the accommodation fee’s so provides good value. For those that attended ALcon previously what did you think of the convention and did you have fun? If we did meet previously I’ll be sure to say hello again!

In all I am looking forward to this as my friends Tom, Rich and Amy of Animetion will be attending along with some eMagi Staff, TaroTard and Ovii-Sama as well as many friends. It should be a good one and check back often for more updates!