One Piece


There once was a man called Gold Roger who was renowned to be the best pirate alive. He had wealth, power and respect from pirates globally only to find himself caught by the marines. His lasts words were “My fortune is yours for the taking but you’ll have to find it first. I left everything I own in One Piece”.

Inspired by the Gold Roger story, Luffy began to dream… To become the Pirate King!

When Luffy was younger, he ate the “Gomu Gomu” fruit by accident… Much to the annoyance of Shanks who was planning to sell it! These fruits give the person magical abilities based on the fruit itself. “Gomu” meaning rubber, endowed Luffy with the ability to stretch and manipulate himself like a rubber man.

Throughout the adventure he finds suitable people and persuades them to become his “Nakama”, to join his crew and his quest to be the Pirate King. The word adventure is often misused an animé however One Piece delivers it in spades. Luffy’s crew travel to many varied and populated areas beyond your imagination from standard ports to islands in the sky. The places they visit all have their own style of clothing, people, food and so forth making the adventure more believable.

Many people though will be put off with One Piece because of its art style and animation. It is very simple and sometimes animated crudely however if you can get past this and the rather slow start to the animé, you will be treated to one of the most engrossing storylines and adventures to date.

In particular things get superb at Kaya’s ark and even better at Arlong’s ark (you will know this when it happens) as things gain pace and emotions are flying. Persistence will certainly be rewarded with this series and with currently over 250 episodes and 6 movies aired in Japan it is still going strong.

Recently shown over here on Toonami (Sky channel 601) the dub and edits are plentiful. For example Sanji no longer smokes but sucks on a lollypop, all traces of blood are removed and the voices differ largely to the Japanese original. I have not kept up to date with the USA version to note any scene edits. In all though if you have the patience to go through about 15 or so episodes into the animé you will find a cracking storyline with great comedy and engrossing drama.


  • Feels like a real adventure, visiting different places and different people
  • Cast list is very strong with dominant characteristics and personas
  • Superb storytelling on many arks, revealing the history of the main characters
  • Gripping drama at times
  • Good dose of comedy with many in-jokes and visual gags


  • Rather slow starting off which can put people off
  • Animation and art style does not suit everyone
  • Many filler episodes where nothing happens
  • Awful US Dub imo and edits
  • Animation and art can be inconsistent at times

Score – 08/10

  • joseph

    i think that one piece is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  • Chelsea

    i love one piece!!!!! i love Zol/ro!!!!
    HE and Sanji kick major butt together!!