How to Convert music to save space


This guide is aimed at those wishing to add more music to their devices, be it an MP3 player, Mobile phone or Media player whilst still retaining good quality and saving a whole load of space. I know many audiophiles would rather keep their MP3s at 320kb for the best quality possible, however for devices like a Mobile Phone (especially for ringtones) you don’t always need the highest quality. Not to mention not many people can actually tell the difference between a 128kb encoded MP3 file to a 320kb one.

Not many people know though that the MP3 format is pretty old indeed and has quite a few limitations, hence companies came up with the AAC format – Advanced Audio Codec. This is actually a very good quality format which beats MP3 hands down, especially at lower bitrates so I will be showing you how to convert it to the more compact and powerful format, whilst retaining quality and loosing a lot of space in the process. This will basically convert MP3s to the AAC format of which the quality will be comparable to the 128kb MP3 bitrate but at a much smaller filesize.

To get all of these benefits though your device must be able to play back the AAC codec (check the manual or specs to make sure). If it does then carry on reading! First up you will need some tools:

dBpoweramp Music Converter
A very powerful audio converter which supports many codecs and can be extended via plugins.

dBpoweramp AAC Codec

Install the dBpoweramp Music Converter and the AAC codec and run dBpoweramp Batch Converter. Now find the music files you want to convert by clicking on the + sign to expand the folders. Once you have found the folder on the right hand side you should see the individual files.

dbPoweramp -

Click on the Convert button on the top left and you should see the next screen as below.

dbPoweramp -

Now look at the ‘Converting To‘ menu, change it to ‘m4a Nero (AAC), click on Bit Rate (CBR) and move the slider so it is on 96 Kbps.

For the Output location click on Folder and then the Browse button to specify where you want the files to be. Once you’re ready click on the lovely Convert button and off it goes!

As a side note, I do this with my mobile phone already connected so I convert directly into the mobile. Yes it might take a bit longer but then I don’t have duplicate files sitting on my computer. Try it out though and you might be pleasantly surprised at how good the quality is, for a much smaller filesize. Done.