Film Review – Kung Fu Panda


Kung Fu Panda is the new animation from Dreamworks Animation, following in the footsteps of the Shrek series it’s a barrel of laughs with beautiful animation and colourful characters.

Po is an overweight panda who works for his dad at a noodle shop in the Valley of Peace, He dreams of one day being a Kung fu master and then through a complete fluke accident his prayers are answered when he is chosen to be ‘the dragon warrior’ and save them all from the evil Tai Lung. With the assistance of the Furious Five and the guru he has always worshipped Master Shifu, Po bungles his way through his training initially but proves it’s what is on the inside that matters and that anyone can be a hero.

With great gags and top notch vocal talent from the likes of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan and Angelina Jolie amongst others. Kung Fu Panda marks a step forward for Dreamworks in producing a thought provoking and throughly enjoyable animated feature. Although reliant a lot on the gag’s that made the Shrek franchise great, there is a strong message behind this film and it even manages to stay to the most part faithful to Chinese culture. The animation is very good especially the choreography of the fight scenes. This is a great watch and although in my eyes it doesn’t quite live up to Pixar’s latest effort, it proves that Dreamworks can do more than Shrek. Highly recommended