Film Review – WALL.E


What happens when humanity leaves earth and forgets to turn off the last robot? you get WALL.E the new animated feature from PIXAR or as I like to call it “The little robot that could” which is directed by Andrew Stanton who also wrote and directed Finding Nemo. Take the 80’s classic’s ‘Short Circuit’ and ‘Batteries not included’, throw in a love conquers all story and mix throughly with lashings of PIXAR magic and you get WALL.E. I have to admit I was intrigued from the trailers and the film itself doesn’t disappoint, WALL.E is for lack of a better word adorable.

WALL.E is a little rubbish disposal robot who has lived pretty much alone on earth for the past 700 years, his only friend is a dog like cockroach (you see they were right the bugs will survive anything) humans left earth due to the pollution crisis and are now living in space on huge cruise ship like space stations. One day while WALL.E is doing his own thing tidying and curiously playing with the various discarded objects he finds (often with hilarious results) a strange visiting robot arrives called EVE, she is a probe sent down by the humans to see if the earth is inhabitable. WALL.E’s curiosity gets the better of him, he is intrigued by this new visitor and gradually this curiosity develops into something more.

This really is an amazing film and PIXAR have gone the extra mile this time, I really felt for WALL.E it’s just amazing how they managed to convey so many human emotions in a little robot who to be honest barely speaks besides saying his name. The dialogue in this film is pretty sparse with almost all the emotion pouring through the movements and eyes of the two main characters. PIXAR have proved they truly are a cut above the rest in telling simple stories with HEART and trust me this film has a heart so huge even the coldest person will fall in love with little WALL.E as he tries his hardest to make EVE realise his true feelings. I won’t give away too much but I will say this film is a MUST SEE. I absolutely adored it and the mix of laugh out loud jokes and pure emotion made this a viewing treat. The animation is beautiful as always with PIXAR, with the added great messages regarding pollution and that even a robot has the ability to love. This is a film I will happily go see again and I couldn’t recommend it more highly if I tried.

  • Great review Sarah. Went to see this recently and its fantastic! Love the cute robots and the homage to Apple Macs. ^_^