Secret Sony Ericsson C905 revealed… 8 Mega Pixel monster!

Sony Ericsson C905

And what a beast it is too. Rumours have been flying around and now we have not only pictures but specifications about this baby, now called the Sony Ericsson C905. Why am I excited about this? Well have a look at what you can expect from it…

– 8 megapixel camera
– Autofocus
– Face detection
– Image stabilization
– Xenon flash
– Photo flash (for video)
– Smart Contrast
– Accelerometer
– TV-Out
– 2.4-inch QVGA TFT display
– Wi-Fi (supports DLNA)
– Comes with 2GB Memory Stick Micro M2
– 104 x 49 x 18 (or 19.5) millimetres
– Weighs 136 grams

Quite impressive indeed as this is perfect for those wanting to use their mobile as a possible replacement for their digital camera. With GPS support you can GeoTag your photographs to send to friends or upload to the internet to let everyone know where it is and the accelerometer will allow natural and easy switching between portrait and landscape modes like other digital cameras. With the TV-Out you can connect it to the TV to view images, video and more for everyone to see on the big screen.

Check out the official promotion video below and another one showing photographs close up.