Ever since a young age he was able to feel the spiritual energy of ghosts and entities. As he grew older, Kurosaki Ichigo obtained the power to not only feel spiritual energy but to visibly see and interact with them in physical form. Due to certain events that follow, Ichigo becomes a Shinigami (Death God) to protect his family and others, while he and his friends embark on a journey understanding what Shinigami’s objectives are.

Bleach has a great blend of action, drama and comedy, as often illustrated when Rukia (a female Shinigami who’s powers were given to Ichigo), funnily enough, illustrates current situations on a sketchbook so Ichigo can understand in basic terms.

The characters are all varied and have pasts that are explained in the animé giving them depth and attributes that many can relate to. From the airhead but caring Inoue Orihime to the serious and sowing king Ishida Uryuu, the clash of personalities and objectives from everyone fuses well and keeps the storyline interesting. This also helps create great comedy moments with the supporting cast to keep things flowing from episode to episode. I mean, what other animé has a stuffed toy as cool as Kon?


What makes this animé stand out to the rest though is the blend of good characterisation. Ichigo is your rebel with good morals while Rukia is the clean cut, serious type and they both have a sort of chemistry on screen. With possible love triangles all over the place it keeps viewers keen as the action and drama flows from episode to episode. No two characters are alike and getting to learn the links between everyone and how if has affected their paths in life gives this title depth.

The animé is currently unlicensed however you can buy the manga from stores such as For those who are able to pick up this animé it is well worth your effort as you will be rewarded with comedy, drama, suspense and great action. Highly recommended!


  • One of last seasons great animé titles, mixing action with drama
  • Great cast of characters
  • Involving storyline with twists and turns
  • Superb fight scenes with great comedy timing


  • Currently unlicensed at the time of writing

Score – 09/10